The 'SOS homophobie' association goals

SOS homophobie' is a not-for-profit association whose goals are to take action against homophobic discrimination and violence. It was established on 11 April 1994 and is comprised exclusively of volunteer members from throughout France.
SOS homophobie's Chief Goals Are:

  • To Help Victims Of Homophobic Abuse [The Testimonial And Support Section]:
    • By providing an anonymous testimonial hotline through which victims of homophobic abuse can speak out, be listened to, and above all, be given the means to take action by themselves;
    • By providing a website through which victims of homophobic abuse can submit their testimony online;
    • By taking effective action, when necessary (through supporting letters, counseling, having homophobic perpetrators arrested and put under police custody, etc.);
    • By acting as Civil Partners with victims of homophobic abuse in the Judicial System.
  • To Run Homophobia Prevention Activities [The Prevention Section]:
    • Through in-school interventions and with any group or community that might be faced with homophobia;
    • Through partaking in or organizing actions for homophobia awareness and for recognition of the Homosexual person's dignity (workshops in professional environments such as companies, government offices, etc.).
  • To Achieve Equality In Rights Between Homosexual And Heterosexual Couples, And Between Homosexual And Heterosexual Individuals [The Action Section]:
    • By drawing the attention of the Public Persons, Institutions and leading organizations in order to stop homophobic discrimination and to promote the undertaking of actual prevention measures;
    • By the publication of an annual report, based upon the testimonies received through the hotline and the website, in order to describe France's yearly overall homophobia “State Of The Place”.