SOS homophobie's annual report 2011

Rapport annuel 2011 sur l'homophobieSOS homophobie's Annual Report introduces the association through its history and its functioning; provides a topical analysis of the received testimonials (physical assaults, verbal bullying, homophobic work environment, homophobia in every-day life, self-esteem problems, etc.); and provides an analysis showing the year's data and drawing a comparison with the data from the previous 4 years.

SOS homophobie's Annual Report also provides a review of the French press, a summary of the political events, a presentation of the association's achievements and much more that has occurred over the past year.

Every year SOS homophobie's Annual Report is sent out to the major political groups, heads of political parties sitting in the National Assembly, ministries, other organizations helping victims, etc. It states the different cases and forms of homophobia which we encounter every year and aims at giving decision-makers key facts and a set of “Thinking Directions” to fight homophobia, priority actions to be undertaken (raising awareness of homophobia for instance), and focus points (increasing number of physical assaults, specific aspects of lesbophobia, etc.)

SOS homophobie's Annual Report on homophobia has become an easy-to-follow reference documenting the evolution of homophobia in France.

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